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HGW Admin

I've been working as a network administrator at my school (in addition to being a student) from 2014 until 9/2018. I've written a couple internal tools for automating certain administrative tasks and improving the life of my fellow students but I'm unable to share the source code.

German Pirate Party Admin

I'm working as a server administrator for the Pirate Party Germany since December 2018. I'm focussing on the mailservers and keeping sight on the whole infrastructure.


In the time between my graduation and the beginning of my study I worked for the city council. In this position I had the honour to plan and install completely new network hardware for my old school. At the end we got Unifi AP AC-PRO driven wifi and gigabit ethernet in the complete building.

My next project is installing wifi all over the HaDiKo, were I live.

Connected Audio Systems

For my room in my dormitry, I'm working on an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, VBAN and Spotify driven audio setup. The next part on it will be reverse-engineering the pcb of my stereo soundsystem to create a bridge between it and a VBAN and Spotify Connect driven Arduino. With that I will be able to attach my stereo to my network and play music from every given device.